Larry Larocco Set to Announce for US Senate

According to informed sources in eastern Idaho, Larry Larocco is set to announce for the US Senate seat presently held by Larry Craig. The announcement should occur by mid-April.

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Just got off the phone with Larry LaRocco...

... who was heading off to dinner in D.C., and he's confirmed it. He is running for the U.S. Senate against whomever comes out on top in the Larry Craig/Robert Vasquez primary.

Of course, at this time we don't know who else on the Democratic side may run in a possible primary again LaRocco, but I think Larry L. proved he's got the energy, the smarts and the enthusiasm to run a strong race. He'll need to raise a lot more money than he did last year (where I believe he himself was disappointed), but it's certainly possible for him to do so. Run, Larry, Run!

Weaker opponent

Vasquez would definately be the weaker opponent, and given the rumors of a breaking story on Craig, we may be looking at a LaRocco/Vasquez election. Probably scares the bejesus out of the Idaho Republicans.

Wow, we scooped the Statesman, how hard is that?

All those empty desks down at McClatchy's Idaho Ghostship is beginning to tell on 'em. Time to write Stacey Cowles in Spokane, and ask her..."please, please buy this rusting hulk"