Obama 'yo Mama...way to go, man!

*Note to all western Democrats: Hillary on the ticket will cost us all the legislature, she's a GOP wet dream for 2008.

In that vein, check out this terrific video made for YouTube.


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What's the future look like?

Interesting SF Gate article discusses the way this anon-generated ad turns campaign advertising on its head.

I disagree that this 'lets the obama campaign call Hillary ____', since there are a dozen impacts and arguments and legal cases to play out here: does ownership/authorship have to be traceable (if nothing else, then for libelous ads), what happens when a money trail is found to a campaign, what happens when a money trail is found to a 527 group, will this sort of campaign glut, lose novelty, and vanish (eyeballs are never free), if nothing is done to regulate this as a campaign tool, what'll the political landscape look like by 2008 or beyond? What do we want it to look like? What would regulations look like for this? How can a government regulate this sort of thing without stifling free speech by people able to do this themselves?

And, if you answered any of these questions from one side of the DLC/HRC political spectrum, what're your answers when your candidate is being skewered or swift-boated?

Daisy, here we come.

I am fascinated, yet repulsed by this ad

I am an Obama fan, yet this ad concerns me. d2 raises some very good questions.

I doubt the Obama campaign is behind this. It strikes me as truly grassroots, despite the polish. Hillary Clinton would not be the top choice for many of us, and yet she would be a vast improvment over who we have now. We need a Democrat in the White House, and infighting among potential nominees - or even their anonymous surrogates - may very well come back to bite us. I think Obama's people realize this.

Apple Ad

This is an apple ad from the early 90's. It's been used by plenty of people for various humor parodies since then.

My favorite one was the iVibrator. If you do a google for it, you'll find it somewhere, it's a classic.

I wouldn't be surprised...

... to see that spot pulled from YouTube this week. Not because of its content (it's pretty good digital work), but because the footage belongs to Apple, Inc., and Steve Jobs is a jealous master. I expect Apple, Inc. won't take kindly to their property being used in such a high-profile way without their permission, and believe it probable that they will send their legion of lawyers to shut it down.

By the way -- if I were a Republican, I'd make lots of ads like this and put it out there without my name on it. What better way to get your opponents snapping at each other?

Serephin, you get one political attaboy...er, atta-angel

You're finally starting to think like Rove....although, I do not believe the GOP is behind this one, just more tech-rebels....like that guy William [Wallace] Sellers in Idaho Falls.

Rove is too busy keeping out of jail and lining up his next gig on Wall or K streets.

Post by the creator


I hope that link is not too long. The "Hillary 1984" creator comes clean.

The ad is still up and has been viewed 1.7 million times as of tonight.