Strange Coincidence? Vandersloot mouthpiece has Sunday Op-Ed that Craig's out in '08

Mike Adams, local Idaho Falls GOP gadfly & sometime mouthpiece for Frank Vandersloot, GOP homophobe & multi-level millionaire, has an interesting op-ed in this Sunday's Post Register.

Adams, a former radio-station owner who advised Mr.V in his purchase last year of 6 stations, bluntly asserts that Larry Craig will not be running in '08, and then uses the rest of his column to tout 6 unknown undesirables, like wingnut real estate crook Stan Hawkins, or Senator Robert Geddes, the oracle of Soda Springs. Geddes, you may remember wanted to hot-rack Idaho prisoners to save money. (where do we get these looney-tunes?)

Adams does mention Risch & Simpson, but knowing 'Big-Mouth Mike' as he's known in Idaho Falls, his real desire is to tout those who're socially obscure, with fealty to Vandersloot.

I find it a very, very strange coincidence this op-ed is now appearing. Especially since Vandersloot, who's always been a big Larry Craig supporter in years gone by, and is a big insider in the Idaho GOP, is so close to the action.

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You misspelled Vadersloot a couple times in your article, including your headline. Want me to fix it?

Oh, and if you're talkin' about Mikey, you really ought to mention the death-point in his political career. After losing a primary race for some local office, he anonymously mailed (or faxed?... I forget) a 'Dr. Kevorkian's Gift Certificate' to the REPUBLICAN woman he lost to.

When it finally caught up to him and almost got his ass arrested for death threats, he insisted it was just a joke. Um, right. Anonymous 'drop dead' messages from your opponent. A joke.

Needless to say, Adams is the joke, now. His only political leverage is acting as one of several loudmouthed talking-points Bush-apologist tools that astroturf the reader's editorial board at the Post Register.


When are we going to hear from Popkey? Inquiring minds want to know.

Honestly, the fact that the states biggest daily is about to 'out' Craig is killing me every day along with my crappy morning cup 'o' joe.

the unequivocal notion

Soon, do you want the red pill? or the blue pill?

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