How Much Does A Governor Cost?

The The MountainGoat Report has some interesting questions that Guv-elect Otter should answer to:

EnergySolutions Buys a Governor?

What does it cost to buy a governor these days? EnergySolutions and their management are hoping it's not more than the $63,800 they spent on Idaho Republican Governor-elect C.L. Butch Otter's 2006 campaign. Let's take a look at EnergySolutions and what they might hope to gain for their money.

Read the rest and demand answers.

Idaho is not for sale!

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MountainGoat's opinion is speculative and alarmist with little reason to believe that EnergySolutions is going to build a recycling plant here. However, one of the better trade-offs is that they have extensive experience in transporting nuclear waste. A government contract to assist in removing and transporting the nuclear waste above the Snake River aquafer would be lucrative, however.


I agree my opinion is speculative. If EnergySolutions were more forthcoming it wouldn't require speculation. However if they desire a removal contract I too would say that's good news!

So why speculate?

I actually found your initial research to be incredibly informative and worthy of remembering down the line, such as when the governor is caught slipping in appropriations into budgets for companies like EnergySolutions or giving them some sort of favorable legislation.

Right now, however, the information is just that. It could be that they were repaying Otter for Energy appropriations or legistlation at the federal level. It could be that Craig's position on the Energy commission was used to get the donation for Otter's campaign. All cases that are about impossible to prove without insider memo's or testimony.


But not "wild" speculation. When Duratek submitted their bid for the DOE reprocessing contract, the company was one of only 4 that requested that the DOE not release their name. Why don't they want people to know that they're seeking a reprocessing contract? I don't advocate making wild speculation but in this case, I think it could be a reasonable conclusion based on the research. Others may disagree and that's great...I'd love to be proven wrong on this!

Why speculate?

That's easy to answer! Because if we don't pay attention and review "what if" situations, then we end up like:
Magic Valley with SEMPRA arriving bringing all of their attorneys, paperwork, research, ducks in a row ... and the rest of us running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to catch up.
Gooding who discounted the rumors that the ISDB superintendent was being railroaded out of town in order to sabotage the improvements he was making at the school... because others wanted to shut down ISDB. We ignored the threat and Angel left town. A few years later... politicians without education backgrounds and without experience with Deaf education are shutting it down through misinformation and muzzling those who trying to protect the children.

So, let's speculate away... I'd rather see it coming and be prepared than be caught with my pants down...

"You can't leave footprints in the sands of time if you are sitting on your butt...
and who wants to leave buttprints in the sands of time?"

Atomic City

Apparently EnergySolutions has already obtained funding from DOE to study Atomic City, among others, as a possible reprocessing site. I updated my post a little bit ago with all the info.