Yep, Adam's Ignorance is Growing

Just because I can, I thought I should look in on the annoyingly simplistic and idealistic Adam Graham. Little did I know of the gems of ignorance I would encounter:

The pro-abortion view actually seems to allege that it is an insult. It says that we don't think seriously of women's reasoning abilities if we give them information. That suggests they don't have all they need. It's the same way our country disrespects borrowers in requiring very long and detailed disclosures be given when opening a new account.

Race and abortion are two issues where the left would rather dance around and hurl names rather than address the legitimate issues. What I find sad is that abortion is their best answer to what ails women.

Once again Adam believes he understands liberals and attempts to tell everyone what they think, what they believe and what they want. And once again, Adam is wrong.

There are so many societal issues that are brought up in Adam's post that have nothing to do with abortion, yet he wants to boil everything down to one simplistic topic. Unfortunately, life is not that simple, it's not that well defined, it doesn't pan out in the way Adam's imagination wants it to. Women have abortions for hundreds of personal reasons. If that woman wants and/or seeks help and information prior to an abortion procedure, great! That help should and is available from a variety of sources and the information is posted where people are most likely to find it. However, for the doctor to be required to counsel a woman, or for an abortion agence to be everything Adam and his crazy ass peers want? Well thats just denying reality and expecting the impossible. It's a prime example of how pro-life people are unable to fully empathise with others.

Want some more lunacy and ignorance?

The worst part is the Universal Health Care is a good way to ruin health care coverage in America. Anyone want to wait 48 hours an emergency room? But Barney Frank is letting the power goes to his head. Thankfully, he still has to go through Bush to get this foolishness approved. Another reason to be thankful that we don't live in a parlimentary democracy.

Again, complete ignorance and fear mongering, something I expect more of from Adam in the coming months of Democratic superiority. Universal Health Care has increased the availablility and the quality of health care across countries like Australia. With the addition and requirement of private health care to subsidise the Universal Health Care for those that make above a certain amount, Australia is capable of providing top of the line service, it's capable of employing the top doctors and retaining them. And it's not just Australia that has made Universal Health Care successful, through learning and adaptation, Canada is quickly working out the bugs in their Health Care system. However, Adam just won't admit that his lunatic fringe friends are wrong, that they have no idea what they are talking about or that they will never examine other countries successes. Instead they want to point out failures that support their positions, and only those failures.

So once again, thank you Adam, you open a window into the rabid right wing hyper-religious freak fringe that most of us would rather ignore.