Democrat Leads in Idaho Governor's Race!

BOISE, Idaho -- According to a poll released today, Jerry Brady, Democratic candidate for governor, has closed what was a 19 point deficit and is now leading his Republican opponent by two percentage points.

Brady appeared at a press conference today at the Boise Train Depot with Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer to release poll findings that show Brady winning not just the popular vote, but on a variety of core election issues.

On big ticket issues of public lands, family values and education, Brady has pulled far ahead of Congressman Otter. When asked “Who will protect our public lands,” Idahoans trust Brady over his opponent at a rate of two to one (Brady 46 percent–Otter 23 percent). On questions of “Who is more family oriented” and “Who will do a better job helping public schools,” Brady’s leads were comfortable at 15 and 16 points respectively.

Sizable leads in a trend poll (see attached poll memo) indicate a race that has undergone a dramatic paradigm shift; the Idaho Republican is no longer the assumed winner. In June, Congressman Otter basked in a 19 point lead (48%-29%). By September, that lead had shrunk to 11 (45%-34%). In the months since, Brady has been consistent and assertive on the major issues. Congressman Otter has made public gaffes, flip-flopped on issues ranging from canned hunts to school funding, and refused to debate Brady on public television, the first gubernatorial candidate to miss the public forum in 30 years.

Brady has run an aggressive grassroots campaign. He has traveled the state several times, including a tour of Idaho’s 44 counties in 44 days. Brady presents a clear, substantive alternative to Congressman Otter’s politics-as-usual. Idahoans are drawn to Brady, a man who has never held public office but has the grit to run for governor a second time.

In his ads and through his speeches, Brady has coined the slogan “Idaho is not for sale, and I’m not either.” The motto points not only to his pledge to protect Idaho from massive land sales and development, but also to his status as an outsider from the Boise political establishment. Idaho is tired of pay-to-play politics. Jerry Brady is the fresh alternative and today leads the race for governor.