Saturday morning at the IDem Convention

Last night's Dem picnic was great! We were along the riverfront in Freeman park, the weather was perfect, my kids had a jungle gym to scamper around on, Grandpa's Ribs and Aussie Eats and other locally-owned restaurants catered, and Larry LaRocco auctioned off some artworks -- paintings by Norman Nelson, Noreen Shanafelt, Stevenson youngerman and Katherine Milliner. The auction itself was fun, because Larry does a decent auctioneer's patter, and I won a small watercolor of Warren, ID.

Jim Hansen hosted breakfast at the convention this morning, and I got a nice innoculation of carbs and grease to start the day. WiFi is alive and well-- Kudos to the Red Lion and their ISP, Net4Guests (or Air2Data), they've hammered things back to life nicely. And Edge wireless came back to life around 8pm.

As we were leaving today's breakfast, Larry LaRocco was returning from a run on the riverfront. We spoke, I wrote him out a belated check for the watercolor I won last night, and the hotel desk clerk asked us if we needed anything.

Then she asked us how the convention was going. Quite well, I said.

And then she said "I think you're gonna have a good election this year. My mom's always voted Republican, and she's had enough. The last straw was when she found out that everything at the Republican convention last week seemed to focus on how to keep non-Republicans from voting. I mean, that's just wrong. Everyone's supposed to vote."

Dad and I chuckled at this unsolicited gift, Larry smiled and introduced himself (maybe we'll hear that story in a future stump speech).