Calling all screwballs

Not only do we have Butch "nice ass winner" Otter running for governor, but we also have a real screwball with money going up against him for the Republican nomination. Dan Adamson is a Christian fundie that likes to think he's the hip, happening sort of pol. Am I the only one that finds him incredibly creepy? What kind of skeletons does a guy like Adamson have in his closet, other than Bryan Fischer's mother?

What the next month will bring is anyone's guess, but I'm thinking humor is going to be high on the list. After papering the entire Treasure Valley with expensive big campaign posters, Dan Adamson might just go over the tipping point when he starts to lose to Butch Otter-have-stayed-home.

I'm hoping for a cage match, two dorks enter, one supreme dork exits.

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More R money being dumped into a ridiculous campaign!

A bit odd..

I thought it was strange when I started seeing his posters EVERYWHERE on my way to work in the mornings. Not that I condone it, but I do get a kick out of the signs that intrepid youngsters have decided to vanda..., um, get creative with.

What tipped me off was the address of his campaign website: In my most humble of opinions, nothing is funnier than the "attempt" to be hip. Especially when it's a fundie.


Adamson strange... but don't underestimate him...

A friend of mine gave me a heads up about him a while ago:

"In case it comes up at any time, Dan Adamson is running for the Repub governor nomination. He owns the rehab here, used to be Prosecuting Attorney in Jerome years ago until some scandal. *** and **** **** know a great deal about his questionable (hell, flat out crooked) business ethics it hurts, but I'm assuming he isn't going to make it anyway. I'm just shocked he would even run considering his background."

The "rehab here" is the Gooding Rehab, which people who receive the Times-News may recall articles regarding multiple violations and complaints. It would be QUITE interesting if INS checked status of many of the employees. I've heard that he is shipping staff in from the Phillipines to place in his care centers. I would love to know if that is true or not...doesn't that smack of slavery? How does that fly in the face of the Republican rant of "immigrants taking American jobs"?? I have talked with several people who work at the local care center and each one has expressed serious doubt as to the legality status of some of the employees.

One person actually wrote a letter to the Times-News calling Adamson out. Adamson jumped on him with a nasty response.

Here are some links to check: Times News article and KMVT video.
You can also find a reference at American Society of Adult Abuse Professionals and Survivors.

According to the Secretary of State Northwest BEC-CORP is listed several times, twice with "status revoked" (whatever that means) once in 2001 and again in 2003. The status in "good standing" states that "NOTDET" was sent on Oct 3, 2005 (whatever that means). There are other businesses listed with various statuses as well. It sounds like he can't run a health care business without serious violations... I don't feel like we can trust him with our state!

Another person commented that:

Oh, this guy is a merry nutcase. I wrote about him in my column about 5 weeks ago...his campaign brochure says, "Viva los tacos gratis!" ("Long live the free tacos!") after a bullet point saying he'd give free taco parties for anyone who voted. Which I'm pretty sure is illegal. He came breezing through the Statehouse in an almost maniacally loopy state, humming away and handing out brochures. He's not to be taken seriously. Certainly the Republicans are going EEUW EEU, GO AWAY.

{This was via e-mail so I'll let the authors identify themselves, I'm never quite sure of protocol on those kinds of things!}

BUT... if his reputation is THAT bad... then who are these people putting up signs? I can tell you that in my community it is mostly one particular segment of the population. If that is the case in other communities, there may be a problem if they are all supporting Adamson due to a common denominator, and perhaps influence from their "higher power". I don't mean to be offensive to this group of people ("some of my best friends", etc.) but we cannot pretend that they do not have expectations of their members and use "peer pressure" to keep them "in line".

Bunch of East Idaho LDS Screwballs

These guys are "happy kooks" according to all the normal LDS folks I speak with....his campaign manager, McNabb is the biggest welfare farmer in East Idaho according to

Thanks for the link...

I looked up MY county and discovered that #5 for years 1995-2004 is the same man who is one of the biggest slumlords in the Magic Valley. Hmmmm... I know that I'm stereotyping here but what is it with LDS Republicans who rape and pillage the most vulnerable of our citizens, rake in corporate welfare, and then act all "holier than thou"??

Any LDS person who is offended by my generalization is MORE than welcome to publicly confront these "elders" in their ward and ask them how they can call themselves Christians while they completely disregard the teachings of Christ, all in the name of the almighty dollar. Dan Adamson is just a start.

(I think that any member of a group who is offended by the stereotyping of their group should take action toward their fellow members who bring their image down, not just LDS.)


McNabb + Anderson = brother-in-laws??