Getting Noticed

Post from 3/30/06 with update below.

Ah, as I expected, the homophobic clan of Idaho has started to take notice of my anti-Fischer blogging and are calling me on it. Good.

Binky Boy at 43rd State Blue began a blog article with an Ad Hominem attack against Bryan Fischer:

Poor little Adam, so giddy at trying to find data to prove that I'm wrong about Fischer, pulls data from a site that purports to be able to "treat" homosexuality and claims to have debunked the "born that way" theory. Sound fishy? Make up your own mind, I guess. Essentially, they are so far out of the scientific loop on homosexuality studies, that they aren't even worth the time it would take to Google and find out they are funded by religious whack-jobs like Bryan Fischer. More links to Tony Perkins? Oh goodie (follow the link, Pam did her homework).

Are rates of sexually transmitted diseases higher amongst homosexual males? Sure, for now. As safe sex practices are taught and supported by communities, those rates will drop, as they have been for many years. Stirring up hatred and homophobia by using STD rates is the realm of wingnutters, exclusively. I've examined a few studies that has tried to examine the rate of STD infection rates amongst people that have multiple partners and the rates are close. Trying to FIND those studies amongst the homophobic choff of the right-wing is near impossible, but it is out there.

And you might notice that little Adam only accepts registered commenters because of "spam". Isn't that what all of the martyred right-wing sites claim?

Updated 4/24: Because our site has a distinct policy stated in a very prominant "leftish" position on the page, my stance has been misunderstood in multiple instances. We make no excuse on this site, we are not trying to filter "spam", we have stated our policy unequivically and if you don't like it, tough.