Outfoxed houseparties in Idaho this Sunday

From MoveOn.org:

Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, Fox News Channel turns Republican talking points into news headlines. Now Uncovered director Robert Greenwald -- working with a group of Fox-monitoring MoveOn members -- has put together a documentary film called Outfoxed that exposes Fox for what it is: partisan spin, not news.

This Sunday evening, July 18th, you're invited to be among the first to see Outfoxed at one of over 2,500 house parties across the nation, hosted by MoveOn and Common Cause members. Then join together in a coast-to-coast conference call with comedian and radio host Al Franken and the movie's director, Robert Greenwald. We'll kick off an exciting campaign to take on Fox for its partisan reporting and deceptive slogan "Fair and Balanced."

Throughout Idaho, folks are hosting houseparties to show Outfoxed. You can find viewings in Boise, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Falls, Meridian and Pocatello, and I'm sure many more will be announced in the next couple days. Just click here to sign up to attend, or to host your own party. I'm all signed up and ready to watch the doc this Sunday.

Time to skin us a Fox!

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I wish I could but I'm taking

I wish I could but I'm taking a class next week and it's having a meeting Sunday night.