"I have made the change and have done so proudly."

Can you guess which Idahoan wrote this?

Throughout my life I have thought of myself as a moderate Republican. Over the last three years, however, I have become increasingly disenchanted with the policies of the current administration and Republican Congress. I realized that their policies ignore what used to be considered the cornerstones of the Republicanism that I grew up with as a child: 1) Fiscal responsibility, 2) Maintenance of a strong position of moral leadership in the world community, 3) Support of a strong military, and 4) Staunch defense of personal freedoms. On every point, the Democratic Party has taken the position of leadership. Therefore, changing title from Republican to Democrat allows me to defend those principles I held so dear throughout my life. I have made the change and have done so proudly.

The writer's website should be up in a few days. I'll tell you then.

UPDATE 07/19/04: Click here for the answer.

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Welcome to the party

Serephin, this is great news. I am dying of suspense, and I hope you release the ID before I leave on vacation!

Mystery party-switcher

Could it be someone who's not a current or former office holder or politician? Say, maybe Bruce Willis?


I believe the comment comes from Phil Batt. Read the Idaho Statesman from July 14th and the Phil bashing is reaching a new high.

Batt in the news

I believe this is from Phil Batt. I've noticed a certain amount of right-wing hatred towards Batt lately, specifically in the July 14th edition of the Statesman.

If I'm right, I hope I didn't screw up some big surprise