Your action needed NOW — help kill the FMA is sponsoring a petition to be sent to President Bush and your senators and representatives asking them to vote against the Federal Marriage Amendment. This amendment is coming up for a vote this Wednesday in the Senate, and if passed through Congress, it would deny same-sex couples the right to marry.

Whether you're comfortable or not with same-sex marriage has not one damn thing to do with this amendment. There are lots of things that right-winger's spout and spew every day, things I disagree with to the very marrow of my bones, but I'm not about to demand that their 1st Amendment rights be repealed to shut those clowns the hell up.

When two adults truly love each other, whatever their sexual orientation, we should be shouting "Hell Yeah!" from the rooftops, not trying to force them underground and out of the light.

Here's the letter I sent today through the petition at

TO: President Bush, Senators, and Representatives

FROM: (my name)

SUBJECT: Marriage Equality


Dear President Bush, Senators, and Representatives:

As a 41-year-old, heterosexual, taxpaying citizen of this country, I DEMAND you vote against this foolish, wasteful, hateful Federal Marriage Amendment. We have far too many real problems in this country that must be dealt with immediately to be distracted by garbage like this act.

My wife and I have been married for almost 22 years, and our marriage has NEVER been threatened by a gay or lesbian who wishes to be married themselves. If YOUR marriage is threatened, I suggest you've got issues that have nothing to do with gay marriage.

I've lived in Idaho all my life. I am friends with gays and lesbians, have worked in the past and currently work with them now, socialize with them, and have even been to a gay wedding. Despite this, I still manage to adore my wife and family, work hard for my employer, pay my taxes, love my state and my country, and still squeeze in time to walk my dogs.

Try, for just once in your lives, to reach deep down inside yourselves and show some intestinal fortitude -- vote AGAINST this stupid, repugnant Federal Marriage Amendment.

I urge you to reject the politics of hate and division.

Everyone has the same rights. There is no place in America for a Constitutional amendment denying marriage equality to anyone.



There have always been gays and lesbians. There will always be gays and lesbians. These people are our sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, uncles and aunts, friends and neighbors -- yes, perhaps even our parents or grandparents. To deny them the same rights as we straights have, especially in this day and age, is repugnant, outrageous, and totally unacceptable.

Go to Sign the petition. Do it now. Let your representatives in Congress know you will not put up with this crap.

Idaho, and the United States of America, is just too great to allow this hate.

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voting record for idaho

Both Idaho Senators voted for Hate. Arn't they wonderful?