The Cheney-Edwards Debate

I have my take on the vice-presidential debates:

Moderator: Welcome, Vice President Cheney, Senator Edwards.

Edwards: Thank you.

Cheney: F*&k you!

Moderator: First question, your take on the economy.

Edwards: A two tier system, richer and poorer. We need to find a way to bring back the middle class. Jobs and health care for all.

Cheney: F*&k the middle class.

Moderator: Your opinion of your opponent?

Edwards: Has served his nation well but his time has elapsed. The vice-president operates America like a corporation, squeezing out the middle class and sending the poor to do the dirty work on behalf of his Neocon beliefs.

Cheney: Go F*&k yourself, you snake oil salesman. I have another four years to screw Americans out of a lot of money, and F*&k Patrick Leahy again...

You're getting the picture...

We will hear the GOP attack machine try to derail Senator Edwards. They are in paranoia of his draw to the middle and lower class. He has been there and knows how the average American survives. Lower and middle class rebellion is the fear of this administration, at both national and local levels.

This is a good time, with Fahrenheit 911 and the nomination of Senator Edwards, to show that we are not afraid to ask questions and challenge both local and national leaders. We should build on this momentum -- remember, opportunity only knocks once.

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Remember, when Cheney or anyone gives Edwards crap about being a trail lawyer, he can say "So was Abe Lincoln."

Of course, Abe wouldn't be a Republican if he was alive today.