Kerry - Edwards in 2004 and 2008

Thank God for pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon, rosemary with stuffed garlic. I was able to be up early this morning to watch live the good news with the Edwards’ announcement.

So, speaking of pork, the comparison to Cheney has begun. The analysts were discussing how much more important the duties of the V.P. have become and does Edwards have the experience. What they should be discussing is because of our current President, he has screwed up so much, that the current V.P. has to practically run the country.

Kerry - Edwards are a team, a blend of tradition with a nice middle class touch. Not a father - son relationship where the son is a blank up, and dad is always cleaning up his mistakes and making them worse or for profit. Of all the choices for Kerry, I feel that he has made the right choice (sorry Dean fans) and a new energy has been added that can carry us to the top in November. So what should I have for dinner tonight?

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Boy, I'd thank God for pork t

Boy, I'd thank God for pork tenderloin with garlic and bacon too. :-)

The most enthusiasm I can come up with is, he could have done a lot worse.