Do not accept ANY Idahoan as a Second Class Citizen!

Idahoans, no matter what color of hat they wear, need to spend the next eight months counteracting against the radical religious fanatics who wish to reduce a segment of our population to second class citizens. We must support the legislators who voted against the initiative and speak up for our friends and family who will be impacted if this ban passes. I received an e-mail this morning which outlined what Idaho Citizens can do to take action against this attack on our constitutional rights...


1) Boise Meeting -Tues March 21 5:30 PM 620 6th St.

2) Local meetings statewide - time to organize them

3) Getting involved with an organization or campaign
a) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Organizations
b) allied organizations (faith & progressive organizations)
c) individual campaigns for state legislature

4) What you can do now
a) wear a button every day (see below)
b) gather names of supporters, "no" voters & volunteers
c) educate people all day every day about how it is wrong to write into our constitution that some people will never have the rights that others do.

To make a button, draw a circle, fill it in with pink, and type/write the words "Second Class Citizen" or "Friend of a Second Class Citizen" in the center. If you want, e-mail me and I'll send you a Word .doc that I made.

Pass this message on to anyone you know will want to oppose the Anti-Gay Amendment anywhere in the state -- especially outside Boise.

YOU ARE INVITED... a Forum/Organizing Meeting to discuss the 2006 AntiGay Constitutional Amendment.
Tuesday March 21st at 5:30 PM
620 6th St. (Idaho Education Association DOWNSTAIRS)
Connect with others...learn how to get involved...let your voice be heard... share ideas...brainstorm...BE COUNTED!

Would you like to have your organization listed for this or other future meetings and organizing efforts around educating people about the 2006 Anti-gay Constitutional Amendment?

Is your business interested in taking a stand on the Amendment and its impact on Idaho's Economy and Business Climate?

Do you know other people who want to get involved?

Do you have LGBT and allied contacts in other parts of the state?

LGBT Contacts:
Nikki Leonard @ YFFN 336.5096
Allied and Business Contacts:
Wendy Morgan @ IWN 344.5738

Organized by: Your Family Friends & Neighbors (YFFN), Idaho Women's Network (IWN), The Interfaith Alliance of Idaho (TIA), Parents Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFFLAG), The American Civil Liberties Union of Idaho (ACLU), Idaho Progressive Student Alliance (IPSA), Boise State Bisexuals Gays Lesbians Allied for Diversity (BSU BGLAD), Idaho Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW)

If YOU live outside Boise or know LGBT or Allied folks who care about this issue and might want to get involved, PLEASE ENCOURAGE THEM TO contact their local Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender organization(s), Human Rights Organization(s) or progressive faith or allied organization(s) OR organize a meeting to gather supporters in the local area to identify or train respected local voices to oppose anti-gay efforts.

ORGANIZING TRAINING in Boise March 24-26 (only a few spaces left)
Local organizations from around the state should contact each other and YFFN or IWN above to help build connections and a strong network to make sure that every area of Idaho has the resources it needs to make it perfectly clear to the far right that it is NOT OK to spread hate and anti-gay attitudes in our state.

Look for or make your own "Second Class Citizen" button and WEAR IT everyday until election day on November 7th. These are black writing on pink background saying simply "Second Class Citizen" or "Friend of a Second Class Citizen."

They are part of the organizing and education effort to start conversations every day in every part of our state to talk about how:
1) LGBT people and those who care about LGBT people are EVERYWHERE
2) the anti-gay marriage amendment affects real people -- wearing a button puts a face on the issue. It gives you a chance to introduce yourself, tell a little about how long you've lived in Idaho or where you work (which ever sounds more mundane or wholesome.)
3) It is a chance to say that it is wrong to write into our constitution that some people will never have the rights that others do -- to say that our constitution should never make anyone a less worthy or "second class citizen"
4) It will help you gather names of friends and others who want to get involved in this effort! Write them down or carry the attached sign up sheet and a pen. (You'll want to call or e-mail or write them to make sure they vote Nov. 7th!) Keep track of your names -- you can give them to your local LGBT or allied organizations if you want to coordinate your Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts.

You can do any or all of the above 4 action items-- and it WILL make a difference in NOVEMBER!

While the issues of gay marriage has not been a partisan issue and was, in years past, opposed by both Democrats and Republicans , this year Republican Party leaders pushed the anti-gay constitutional marriage amendment through the legislature with some legislators even stating that it should pass because it is a way to get conservative voters to the polls and win elections for Republicans in the fall. If you are mad that the Republican Party would use the lives of gays and lesbians as a political tool to win elections, then get involved in a campaign this year and help elect Democrats and progressive candidates who promise never to support anti-gay legislation!

Not sure what candidates are running in your area?
Check the Secretary of State's website. Filing deadline is March 17th so keep checking back.
What legislative district are you in? Who are your representatives?

SOME KEY CANDIDATES (good candidates with tough races):
Elmer Martinez (D-district 29 POCATELLO)
Chavez (D-district 7 LEWISTON)
Kathy Skippen (R-district 11 EMMETT)
Kate Kelly (D-district 18 BOISE)
Bill Killen (D-district 17 BOISE)
...More to come later.

Jerry Brady for Idaho Governor
A great ally running for a second time after winning Ada County in 2002-- (Running against Butch Otter who voted FOR the Federal Anti-Marriage Amendment.)

Volunteer, or sign up to help statewide or local candidates in your area
208 336-1815

Donate to the Democratic Party -- a monthly pledge is a great way to strengthen Democrats in Idaho.

Please commit to donate to and get votes for a CANDIDATE this year.

Support Political Action Committees that will work to raise money to elect better Legislators.

IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO MIGHT MAKE A GOOD CANDIDATE: The soccer mom, business person, advocate, teacher or anyone willing to dress up and work harder than they ever have in their lives asking for votes on doorsteps and raising money on the phone for 8 months. South East Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Mountain Home and Nampa are key areas.

For more of my thoughts about this issue, go to Heterosexuals Only.