LaRocco swings a political 2X4 across Risch's nose, gets the transitory-Guv's attention

Democratic candidate for Idaho Lieutenant Governor Larry LaRocco rolled out a new radio ad this week taking fly-by-night Governor Jim Risch to task for hiding the identity of the corporate contributors to his campaign. Click here to listen to the radio ad (mp3 file, 60 sec.) and view the script for the spot below:

S/fx: Bacon frying, juice pouring, papers rustling ... it's the start of a new day in the kitchen of a typical Idaho home.

Mother: C'mon kids ... breakfast's ready!

Father: Morning, 'beautiful', anything new in the paper?

Mother: (disgusted) Look at this. Our temporary Governor, Jim Risch, has a whopping $360,000 campaign debt from his race for Lieutenant Governor.

Father: Well, that might explain his controversial special session of the legislature.

Mother: How so ... ?

Father: The Jim Risch secret tax plan ... his special friends get the bulk of the tax relief.

Mother: BUT ... the Risch Tax Plan increases our family's sales taxes and eliminates reliable funding for our children's education. That's not right!

Father: TRUE ... but, his special friends are so happy, they're throwing big-money fundraisers for Risch, just to say, "thanks!"

Mother: THAT solves his campaign debt problem ...

Father: Yup ... 'business as usual' in Boise.

Mother: Now I know what's 'so special' about this session.


Mother: That's not right.

Larry: This is Larry LaRocco. I voluntarily released my list of contributors to my campaign for Lieutenant Governor. My opponent, Jim Risch, should do the same ... now ... before the special session.

Father: Idaho has the right to know.


So, why is this important? Alan at IdaBlue has it laid out in black & white:

Here is the loophole. A person or entity can exceed the contribution limit if the excess is applied to the debt. So, say IdaCorp gives Risch $5k for his primary and $5k for his general campaign. It could also give him whatever it wants, say another $20k to repay his debt. Since he loaned the money to himself, the contribution is applied to the debt and Risch’s campaign just pays the $20k to Risch. This is $20k he didn’t have before, and he can turn around and make another loan to his campaign, or just outright spend the money.

So Risch give huge tax deduction to his corporate cronies, and in return they give him truckloads of money for his campaign and give even more to "pay off his campaign debt," which Risch will then turn around and loan to himself again during this election.

THAT'S why Risch refuses to release the names of his contributors, because when those names are matched up to the corporations and other fat-cat entities benefitting from the Idaho GOP Property Tax debacle, they'll match up almost one-to-one.

This issue isn't going away. And Risch's railroading of his massively-flawed tax plan is only going to give Larry LaRocco a bigger plank to pound on pretend-governor Jimbo. Risch's mewling that he won't "dignify [the allegation] with a response" won't hold up for long.

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campaign contributions

Scott D. T.
If Larry LaRocco is going to make campaign contributions his platform, great! I'm going to hold you to it. I sent a letter to Gov. Risch about what I believe to be kickbacks in the dairy industry. Kickbacks in the highly subsidized dairy industry through campaign contributions. Agri Corruption!
Those sites should give Larry & Bob Wallace a start.

If the rest of the taxpayers who talk alot behind the sceen would like to get involved, show some stones, get on
We the People are the largest corporation in the world! Why do we allow our employees to give all the tax cuts to the smaller corporations we work for? The first thing I would do is fire an employee who would cut the profits of his employer while taking $ from others which results in a loss of spending power & money in the bosses pocket, ME!

I understand there will be a new farm bill in 2007. Let's have a good look then & see who donates to the camapigns, who receives those donations, & how they vote on the new farm bill. OK Larry, you want to play the name game. Can't back down now! I expect a very public campiagn devulging all the contributions, by whom, & received by whom.

I sent a letter to the Gov. asking for an investigation into a dairy in Boise I believe is covering up kickbacks by some supervisors. Kickbacks involving powdered milk & the transportation of dairy products.

If Larry LaRocco wants to be the Lt. Gov. he should demand the same, an investigation into this dairy. I would also suggest he bring Bob Wallace on board as Bob is running for AG. Maybe Bob would like to finish an investigation Wasden failed into price fixing or what ever is going on with the fuel prices. Idaho has the high prices again. Wasden said a lot about looking into the fuel prices some time back but the prices dropped & the investigation was over. If Wasden, who doesn't seem interested in the dairy industry was really interested in the high fuel prices why hasn't he been raising hell now??? Prices are a lot less just a couple hundred miles away, Utah, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, & CALIFORNIA!!!

Deadbeat politicians who back up to the check, retirement, & health care don't have a place in Idaho or any other state as far as I'm concerned. A little tar, feathers, & a free ride on a rail with that powdered milk to Mexico might be a start. That includes war profiteers. An oil man in the White House is about as contradicting as one can get. Starting a war based on lies then changing the story to getting that bad man Saddam out & liberating those poor people by killing them doesn't promote democracy any more than the phony democracy we allowed to take place the last two presidencial elections!

What's America really all about? Republicans, Democrats, or Americans?

Republican & Democrats

Scott D. T.
The real problem with America is our two controling parties! I'm neither republican or democrat, I'm an American! I don't have any representation & America is a mismanaged nation going to crap at my expense. If America were run like the corporations which contribute to the campaigns of our paid representatives in order to get what they want we might have a solvent nation.

$9 trillion in debt, deficits up the wazzu, & getting worse. Any other corporation would have gone belly up but We the People just keep paying. The largest corporation in the world & We the People, the boardmembers, the stockholders, don't do a thing. Sit back & watch, complain a little & whimper, "there's nothing you can do."

Bull, If the people ever get tired of whinning maybe they'll check their package & put our represntatives in their place, working for US!

If I were a terrorist I would be happier than most campaign contributors, terroist have the same if not more influence in Washington as contributors do, without donating. More influence than the American people who pay for it all, who die in the war based on lies while the war profiteers who started the war get rich! Two parties taking money & getting rich while on taxpayer payroll, twisting the blade the taxpayer has in his back.

Seems terrorist are winning and not a soul in America can see it. Iraq has their civil war, they are doing more damage here in America than anyone will acknowledge or admit. As long as the two parties can get what they want along with the rich & un-American corporations who control them We the People don't matter. America is losing & the American people are too stupid to do anything about it. Scared to say anything, somebody might be listening. Just like putting $ in the plate at church, status. Don't embarass old dad, vote party lines.

Republicans/Shiites, Democrats/Sunnis, Israelis/Palistanians, & every other organization of nuts who have to control. Religion, everybody scared to say anything or they'll be ridiculed, marked as an evil doer. Here in America we have a constitution, We the People written all over it. Separation of church & state, taxation without represenation. Doesn't mean a thing. Why would we go to war in Iraq to establish democracy when democracy is a joke in America?

The constitution is a joke & the two parties are loving it.

Fooled by the lies! That's it, $ & lies control while 38 million Americans live in poverty, 45 million without health insurance. Our employees don't live in poverty or without health insurance. The same clowns that won't raise minimum wage have accepted raises in the past six or eight years amounting to more than a family of four can survive on in poverty, in the greatest nation in the world.
Blow that smoke up sombody else's butt. America is a lie, aways has been & always will be! Until the people take a little initiative & make our so called representatives do the job they're paid to do your sons & daughters will keep dying for all the wrong reasons, so Bush & company can make more $$$!

That's it, work for US! The American people are so impotent they are willing to send their loved ones to die in Bush's war based on lies, a war allowed by the rest of our mis-representatives. This war has turned Saddam into a great leader, he had a little control which is obviously not the case in Iraq today. Bush doesn't have the respect in America Saddam had in Iraq & the rest of that part of the world. Saddam could have been our ally without him knowing it just as our representatives are allies to terror while they don't seem to care.

Why would the people of this democracy allow this to continue? Play your video games, drive around with a nose full of meth, prisons full of nonviolent criminals, overcrowded with drunk drivers while our representatives contiue to fail. Property taxes out of control, illegal immigration promoted for years as a political favor to corporate unAmerica, no $ for education, natural disaters leaving people out in the cold, fuel costs out of sight driving our economy to crap, along with medical expense/prescription drug costs & all the other unimaginable & not realize what our two party sytem is doing to US!

I would think the people in education would step up & put this all in perspective. Why the don't our schools teach the youth of America what is really happening. Promote a sight like to keep politics in line. Everyday is a revolution, should be. Peaceful & under the watchfull eye of US! It's possible with the internet.

Is our poltical situation any sign of an educated society? Bush can't lead US to victory over terror. He was born rich, never had to work a day in his life, never had to finish the military & college, who knows, & obviously can't lead a nation. What do Bush's actions say for education? What does this all say about education or democracy? Degress from leading colleges yet an obvious fool yet still elected president, twice?

The democrats can't even find someone to run against Bush or the money the republicans throw around & the American people swallow it hook, line, I sinker. Campaign contributors can't lose, throw $ at republicans & democrats in the same race & their horse can't lose. The only losers are US, the taxpayers!

I would think the head of any family would lead by example & teach his kids to tell these mis-representatives what it is We want. Republicans are all about republicans & demcocrats are all about democrats & the American people are paying for everything corporate un-America & our mis-representatives can steal.

bin Laden & the rest of Bush's allies must be having a good laugh, throwing money all over the cave. Those goat loving idiots are bathing in oil while we pay all the way to the poor house. Wake up America! You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a crooked as a dog's hind leg politician, not in America. You read about it everyday, bribes, scandals, insider trading, one crooked bill passed after another in favor of the rich who donate to the politicians who propose & pass the bills. Politicians voting to pass one bill so their counter parts vote to pass the bills they propose, all in favor of contributors. No insider trading going on here.

We had the American Revolution to stop all this. Bush has the same blood as the king & queen, he's running America just as they would have.

I can hardly wait for America to fall apart so we can start to rebuild this mess with the hope of doing it right next time. Didn't take long to screw America up, a couple hundred years. Send the greatest military in the world to Iraq, proclaim the war over, then throw away a fortune & thousands of lives for the next decade or longer. Now that is leadershit!

If our misrepresentatives, including Bush were really all about America they would embrace a site like How much would you like to wager that never happens??? Give the taxpayer a say in what happens in America, misrepresnetatives render themselves neutered? Lose all that $$$!!!

Repulican taliban

Scott D. T.
I didn't realize the republican party had so much in common with the Taliban, or Muslim religion. I stopped in Hooters in Boise, ID. & not to my surprise a guy I knew was there. Ron, 42 years old & sells insurance I believe, could be wrong. Ron is married with two or three daughters, always in Hooters. Anyway it seems the republican party doesn't allow their women & children to think for themselves. That might not be entirely true but it seems they are brainwashed into thinking exactly as I would have a slave or puppet think if I had one.

I hadn't been to Hooters for a few months & we started talking, politics came up. Well a young, 22 or 23 year old female employee was sitting with Ron & I was informed we don't talk politics around women? What ever, either women don't want to hear it or it's against the rules, social or otherwise.

During the conversation it did come out that she was the daughter of a military man, family, republican. Believed in everything the republican party was doing, including war, death. In Iraq & not here in America. She didn't even think a woman could ever be president. We have an idiot in the White House, Congress & the US Senate are loaded with jerks taking US for all we're worth & this poor young woman has been led to believe by her parents no less that a woman could never be president. I don't know if I feel sorry for the guy she's going to marry or envious. Wouldn't I like a perfect wife who doesn't have an opinion about anything, just does as she's told.

Well I'm a little confused, don't talk politics around women yet this woman seemed to be well informed or manipulated to believe in war. Like so many other Americans she felt it was better to fight terror in Iraq?

Saddam couldn't fire those scudd misles across the Kuwait border, why would I worry about him attacking US? Now I worry, the entire Muslim world hates US. Bush has screwed the world up so bad it's unbelievable. I hope if I ever have an enemy he is as ignorant, I mean as good an ally as Dubya is.

Anyway I have to laugh, don't talk politics around women. If you don't talk how do you gain any information? Want to be a dummy at home raising the kids with no opinion? What year is this, what country? I have to believe most women are smarter than that, not just barefoot & pregnant. Could be wrong, far too many Americans don't seem to have the ability to think for themselves. Dubya says this, Dubya says that, must be true.

Oh well, I guess I'm starting to understand the whole two party system. If you're not a republican you're a democrat, & visa versa, can't be anything else, not in America.

Ignorance doesn't discriminate!