LA Sen. Landrieu puts hold on Dirk's nomination, says "show me the money!"

Looks like Kempthorne got stuck in the frosting during his cakewalk to be Secretary of the Interior:

Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu placed a hold on Gov. Dirk Kempthorne's nomination as interior secretary Wednesday after the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee approved him.

Landrieu's hold means Senate leaders cannot bring the nomination to the floor for debate or a vote unless they can muster 60 votes to override her. She used the procedure to protest the Bush administration's opposition to sharing half of offshore oil and gas royalties, as the government does for oil and gas drilled in Western states.

"The people of Louisiana have been providing America's energy since the 1940s and we are happy to continue, but we cannot do so under these unfair conditions," Landrieu said Wednesday. "We must receive our fair share of revenue so that we can fully protect America's wetlands and the national infrastructure they serve."

The Senate thugs will most likely be able to put together enough votes to override Sen. Landrieu's hold, but Florida Sen. Bill Nelson may also throw a hold to Dirk's nomination to protest Pretzeldent George Whoopsydaisy Bush's offshore oil lease proposal for the coast of Florida.

Might as well take a nice stroll along the Potomac and work the tan on that shiny bald spot, Dirk -- you're not going anywhere for a while.