43SB in CdA -- Kootenai Co. Dems dominate 4th of July parade!

I'm spending a few days here in beautiful Northern Idaho, and made my way over to the Coeur d'Alene 4th of July parade the morning.

Folks, I have to tell you, I was gobsmacked at the sight of at least a block-and-a-half length of Kootenai County Democrats as they marched en masse, completely obliterating the puny presence of the regional Republicans.

Take a gander at the slideshow below, and just try to keep a smile off your face as you view the overwhelming number of Idaho Democrats displaying their pride and political power. It was not a good day to be a North Idaho Republican.

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4th of July Parade


Thanks for posting the great picture of the Parade. It was great meeting you today.


Wonderful to meet you, Thom

You and all the other North Idaho Democrats are doing terrific work. Please be sure to keep the rest of us throughout the state updated on all the great work you folks will be doing this election season.

Great job

Kootenai County Democrats! I should probably add Benewah, and didn't I see people from Shoshone County as well? You guys were impressive! Some of our Boundary County Dems marched in the Bonner County parade, showing support for our very own ID Legislative Candidate, Tom Hollingsworth.

Boundary County did away with the parade as well as the fireworks this year....how pitiful. I guess that's what happens when Democrats are not in charge.... As for me, well, I worked all day but joined some local Dems for that all-American July 4th barbecue in the evening. Happy 4th everyone!

Yes you did

See some Benewah County folks. Cheryl and Albert Halverson came up from Tensed and Paulette Jordan from Plummer. Richard Hill II from Moscow and a couple from Lewiston, but I didn't get to meet them. I don't know of any Shoshone people who came, but it is possible. CJ Rose the LD 2 candidate is from Spirit Lake. Make plans to take off from work next year and join us, we'd love to have you!

Thank You...

It was great fun. I am so proud of the Kootenai County Democrats. Not only for showing up on the 4th but for all their hard work. There is momentum up here and the winds of change on are getting fueled. Serephin, if you are still in town let me know, we can do coffee or something. That goes for the rest of the faithful.

Tamara Lee Poelstra

Hi, Tamara --

I just returned home to Southeast Idaho a few minutes ago. Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you in person, but look forward to meeting you in the future. You had a great group of folks marching for you in the parade -- loved seeing it! Best of luck in your campaign (now get out there and knock on those doors!).


Hey -- thanks for posting the slide show, a real eye opener. Kootenai County Democrats have always shown a barrel-full of enthusiasm - looks like they set fire to a few others as well!!