Judge to Senator Wide-Stance: No Freakin' Way

Poor, poor Senator Larry "tappy-toes" Craig -- seems he had the unfortunate luck to get a judge who has more interest in the so-called "law" than in helping clear a staunch penis-loving right-winger's good name:

Judge Charles A. Porter Jr. in Minneapolis ruled today that Mr. Craig’s guilty plea on a charge of disorderly conduct — based on toe-tapping and hand gestures that led to his arrest in a police sting at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport — “was accurate, voluntary and intelligent” and said the conviction was “supported by the evidence.”

[. . .]

The judge found no grounds to allow Mr. Craig to withdraw his plea, ruling that the senator had not proven, under Minnesota law, that a withdrawal was “necessary to correct a manifest injustice.”

[. . .]

The judge rejected the duress argument today. He also rejected another defense argument, that Mr. Craig did not know the factual matters to which he was admitting guilt — the underlying offense of gross misdemeanor interference with privacy. That charge was dismissed in the plea agreement that allowed Mr. Craig to receive a misdemeanor conviction of disorderly conduct, pay a fine $500 (with a $75 surcharge added), and have a 10-day jail sentence and an additional $500 stayed pending a one-year probationary period.

Judge Porter wrote that there were “no hints of a lack of guilt of the offense of disorderly conduct.” He called “illogical” the argument that Mr. Craig was unaware of the facts to which he admitted guilt, saying the police report was attached to the plea petition and that Mr. Craig signed or initialed the pages. As for the argument that Mr. Craig did not enter the plea “intelligently,” the judge said: “The defendant, a career politician with a college education, is of at least above average intelligence. He knew what he was saying, reading and signing.”

Another damn activist judge, obviously! How dare Judge Porter even insinuate that Senator Craig has control of his mental faculties? And for the judge to insult Larry Craig by accusing him of having "at least above average intelligence"? Outrageous!

I truly hope Senator Craig shows Judge Porter how out-of-bounds his ruling was and opts to hold on to his office, and even run again for his Senate seat next year. That'll show that judicial joker who's king of the stall, by gum!

(To peruse a PDF file of the court order, do the clicky thing here.)

UPDATE: The new GOP 2008 convention logo, via Daily Kos.

Gee... don'cha think that there ollyfunt has an awfully wide stance? Hmmmm.

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Um, by what?

Not by gum. Jimminy God.

(still makes me laugh. What a dweeb.)