GOP dirty tricks and tainted Sali treats

Welcome to the usual GOP election-season dirty tricks b.s. These pathetic wingnut bottom-feeders can't actually run on issues, so instead go with their real strength: LIE, LIE, LIE, and if that fails, LIIIIEEEEEE. From Red State Rebels and Grassroots for Grant blog jefe Julie Fanselow:

Spread the word:

The National Republican Congressional Committee started robocalls on Bill Sali's behalf yesterday and they're apparently worded in such a way that a lot of people think they're coming from the Grant campaign, unless they pay close attention (and who pays close attention to a robocall?).

We don't have a transcript of the call, but apparently the rant is along the lines of "Larry Grant will raise your taxes and let terrorists come into America." We are going to send out a press release today letting folks know it's the GOP behind the calls. Meanwhile, we're getting lots of messages like the one below.

> Last night while trying to relax with my family, your campaign, using
> an autodialing program called my home 4 times within an hour.
> Now, not only did you interrupt my valueable family time, I'm a red, white and blue REPUBLICAN.
> So take me off your get-out-the-vote phone campaign because that little "D" behind your name on my ballot tells me all I need to know about your politics!
> Respectfully,

Bill Sali: Stupid AND desperate.

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Last refuge of scoundrels

There are apparently two different calls. We've put out a press release to help spread the word that these are NOT coming from us.

It's also interesting to see the new poll that came out yesterday showing Sali at 33%, Larry at 32% among strong supporters. The same poll shows Dems on track to take back the House, with many close races all over the country. More here (click Idaho on the map):

Fair and Balanced

The Fair and Balanced local crew had a real problem reporting on this last night. I couldn't make heads or tales out of what they were trying to prove, or disprove.

Something along the lines of the opening message in the phone call being about Larry Grant and making it sound like it was a Larry Grant advertisement, but it really was negative and thats bad, but it probably doesn't have anything to do with Silly Sali. The news sounded like a run-on sentence as well.

Grant needs to run as the new Frank Church, laser guns pointed to the corruption and pandering R's over the country and protecting what is left of Idaho.

Oh, and where has Andrus been? I saw him stump with Dean awhile back, he looked somewhat healthy, but his silence is deafening at this point. One of the most respected (aside from Frank Church) Idaho Democrats and there is nothing from him?