Daily Kos take big notice of Larry Grant's campaign!

Now this, THIS is what I've been waiting to see -- front-paged and bigger than life!

ID-01: Another GOP "safe" seat under pressure

by kos
Wed Jul 26, 2006 at 10:53:16 AM MDT

It's getting harder and harder for me to remain pessimistic about November with all the great news as of late. It's bad enough when Republicans have to worry about their House seats in states like Kentucky, Indiana, and even Nebraska and Wyoming.

But now the GOP is worried about their seat in freakin' Idaho? It's true, as the Republicans betray in their "Retain Our Majority Program" list.

The final ROMP fundraiser is used for candidates in the most desperate need of campaign money. Three of the recipients trail their challengers in terms of cash on hand. Most of those who are ahead in funds have only modest leads.
The ROMP list included five incumbents, four open-seat candidates and one challenger. The other beneficiaries were Minnesota open-seat candidate Michele Bachmann; Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-Ariz.); Jeff Lamberti, who is challenging Rep. Leonard Boswell (D-Iowa); Idaho open-seat candidate Bill Sali; Rep. Don Sherwood (R-Pa.); and Iowa open-seat candidate Mike Whalen.


Sali is competing for the seat being vacated by gubernatorial candidate Rep. Butch Otter (R-Idaho), which is normally a very safe Republican district; President Bush won it 69-30 in 2004. But Sali survived a heated primary with just 26 percent of the vote, and there have been rumors of Republican supporters defecting to Democratic candidate Larry Grant.

Sali has a target painted on his big pasty-white butt, and the wingnut Rethugs know it. Idaho Democrats and sane Idaho Republicans know Bill "brainfade" Sali would be the worst congressman ever for Idaho -- even worse than Helen Chenowith was. And now this race is being noticed by political folks throughout the country.

This is why DNC chair Howard Dean's 50-State Strategy is so crucial -- it forces the GOoPers to spread their wealth, so by October they'll find themselves, in many, many races, spread out far too thin.

Larry Grant can use our financial help (since Sali is still getting lots of dirty dough from the fundie freaks and Club for Growth scumbags), so if you can, please donate at his website.

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The Democrats have so far built up a far larger fund than the Republicans, lets just hope that continues and they use the funds for appropriate purposes.

Of course, they'll probably just use it to continue to hire the same old losing agencies....