IDP chair Roark to Idaho GOoPers: Grow a pair and call for Lavatory Larry to resign

From the Idaho Democratic Party:

Democrats break long silence on Craig

GOP leaders must step up and convince senator to resign

BOISE, Idaho – Idaho Democratic Party Chairman R. Keith Roark issued a challenge to top state Republican Party brass today, asking them to publicly call for Sen. Larry Craig’s resignation or face the political fallout for protecting one of their own at the expense of the state’s interests.

Roark’s action comes one day after the United States Senate Ethics Committee issued a stinging rebuke of Idaho Senator Larry Craig in its Public Letter of Admonition.

“Idahoans are not only shocked and embarrassed by the conduct of Larry Craig, they are dismayed by his response,” Roark said. “It is clear that Larry Craig intends to put his own self interest before the people of Idaho and their right to equal representation among the states.”

Idaho voters have an absolute right to be represented by two, ethical and credible United States Senators. Furthermore, Idaho voters want their senators to work credibly and effectively on the issues that matter: ending a disastrous war; solving the mortgage and housing crisis and making health care affordable for all Idaho families.

Larry Craig has been stripped of his leadership positions, shunned by his colleagues and admonished by a bipartisan ethics committee for his unethical behavior. He cannot do what Idahoans need to be done.

“I have today written to Idaho Governor Butch Otter, U.S. Senator Mike Crapo, U.S. Representatives Simpson and Sali and all of the Republican candidates for Larry Craig’s Senate position urging them to prevail upon Sen. Craig to resign,” Roark said.

With the Senate Ethic Committee’s letter of admonishment to Sen. Craig, the congressional process has finally come to a conclusion.

“It’s now time for Idaho’s Republican Party leaders to make their position known: Are they going to support the people of Idaho, or are they going to support the tawdry self interests of Larry Craig?”

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About frickin time.

Glad to have Roark on board. The Republican establishment in this state deserves much of the blame for the continuing nature of the embarrassment. Butch, its all well and good you're standing by your "friend" but your obligation is to the people of the state.

I read the letter of admonishment. I'm not sure the committee is done yet. They left a door open.

Thanks for getting this up Serephin. Now its time to beat the drum.

Wow...a 180 from little Dickie Stallings

I like it...I like it. Has the story gotten any legs in the press?


You mean the press in Idaho that produces hard hitting pieces like this.

Kudos to Channel 2

for this. Not specifically mentioning the Democratic release. But instead making some of their own heat.

Roark rocks

for calling the hypocritical Republicans to the carpet on this one. Time for the Neo-Cons like Thayn and Labrador to internalize their moral outrage and look at their own before trying to tell the rest of Idaho how to behave morally.


Thayn and Labrador are neo cons? Didn't think that foriegn policy group filtered down to the state level.

More like

More like Cro-MagCons

Sorry, I mean't paleo cons

We've Needed an "Enforcer" for Some Time

I'd say Keith Roark is filling that role well so far.

Yes, enforcement is a good thing

now if we can only get a few bagmen, bagwomen, bagdogs, whatever....some friggin $$$ to guys taking on the GOP legislators (outside of Blaine County).

Candidates Would be Nice Too

Despite the excitement over Obama, I note that those of us in places like Twin Falls, Pocatello, Idaho Falls and Blaine County still don't have a Congressional candidate to vote for who's not a Republican dentist. The fact no one appears to be even sending up trial balloons in the non-Sali CD right now is quite disconcerting.

How about legislative candidates?

The filing deadline is 21 March. That's five weeks from today. If your family doesn't want you to run or something like that, that's one thing, but if there's nothing like that in your way ...

Money notwithstanding, one can't very well contribute to a campaign that doesn't exist in the first place.