Conservative Idaho newspaper calls Brainfade Sali on the carpet

Idaho wingnut congresscritter Bill 'Brainfade' Sali and his cretinous crew aren't smart enough to correctly fill out FEC forms and send them in on time. As a follow up, they've actually managed to piss off one of the most rightwing newspapers in the state:

U.S. Rep. Bill Sali needs to get his house in order. This has nothing to do with how he votes in the House of Representatives, but how the basic everyday operations run in his office.

Recently, multiple revelations have raised eyebrows and caused Idahoans to wonder if anyone is in charge of the congressman’s staff.

[. . .]

These issues raise questions about the management of the congressman’s office, his decision-making ability and even his ethics. In order to have Idahoans’ trust, he needs to get his operation in order.

Congressmook Sali, along with his boy blunder Wayne Hoffman, are doing their best to put Idaho Democratic candidate Walt Minnick into the U.S. House of Representatives. Keep up the good work.