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Their own little 'Secret Idaho': the case for massive corruption

Uh-oh, someone opened a door into the secret world of how (i.e. the actual mechanics) the GOP system of payoffs & patronage in Idaho really works. Quick, shut that door, "pay no attention to that man behind the curtain" to quote the Bishop...errrr Wizard.  read more »

Gasp! GOP discovers Sarah Palin is from.....Idaho!

Well you can take the girl out of Idaho, but you can't take Idaho out of the girl. Looks like Caribou Barbie's shameless uber-self promotion is catching up with her. Joe Scarborough ("Morning Joe" MSNBC), a former conservative congressman from the Florida panhandle has weighed in on the Palin phenomenon, and it ain't pretty folks.

Britain over the edge: Tea Party/GOP orgasmic

Johan Hari of the London Independent has given us a peek into the Tea Party/GOP future for America, with this excellent piece posted on Huffington.

Even the uber-establishment Financial Times of London is in outright conniptions with the Tory plan to gut their economic spending and layoff some 500,000 govt workers IN THE FUCKING MIDDLE of the deepest economic disaster since the 1930s.

It's absolutely surreal and it's headed our way, buckaroos.

Soda Springs' (Monsanto's Mill Town) Roundup linked in major study to birth defects

A major new scientific study has confirmed growing conviction that the world’s most widely used chemical herbicide, Monsanto Corporation’s Roundup is toxic and a danger to human as well as animal organisms. (so what?, they got Bob Geddes running the Idaho state senate, just don't drink/eat anything coming from the Portneuf)

see link at:

Why intellectual Democrats can't connect with (Idaho) voters?

Saw this from a American expat psychiatrist, now living by choice in New Zealand. Being an old guy who studied Wilhelm Reich many decades ago, she has put his seminal work into a new perspective, one we might all learn from.

Idaho now officially 50th in public education spending

According to the numbers just released by the US Census, per pupil

I don't see how the Idaho GOP gets around this, unless they want to close the numerous small rural districts which are job-programs for their buds out in the sticks.

Get ready for the era of corporate anarchy

from one of my favorite blogs, Zero Hedge

here's something Idaho's really ahead of the curve on

14 things you need to know about Internet porn

From (pay close attention to #9, state that downloads the most Internet porn) and loves (can you say, "worship"?) money, too. And #14, most popular day of week for viewing porn (guess...duh-oh).

Singing, "Glory Hallelujah all the time they sock it to ya" (apologies to Joe South)

Another religious GOP hypocrite bites the big green weenie; crash & burn....

Dirk's notorious penis & the Minerals Management Service at Interior

Come'on Democrats...get a clue. Who was the 'Captain of the Ship' when this stuff was going on?

And where is he now? Idaho's GOP governor-gone-to-Interior, who could never keep his pants zipped? The national press needs to expose this one.

More serious evidence the GOP is in systemic decline & demise

From the Washington Post:
[so what they lean liberal?, their facts are consistent].

Outside of Idaho, where Dems can really smell blood (& take action), it would not surprise to have it unfold like this: as the economy gets better, the GOP, who has this secular narcissitic narriative floating around their brains that they're on track to win back Congress, suddenly realizes about Halloween---that ain't gonna happen.  read more »

Utah senator pleads with GOP to keep his job (Amazing!)

This is, simply put, an honestly amazing story

see link at MSNBC.

If Bennett's thrown from the train down there, what does it tell you about Idaho? And speaking of Idaho, how about Idaho's favorite daughter, Sarah Palin, and her recent take on church & state?  read more »

Memo to national Democrats: getting things done is a wooden stake

Check out this piece on Glenn Beck's ratings:

Hint: the American people want government to (gasp!) govern, and the more the GOP says, "no! no! no!" ...the less the American people like it. (Wow, you think that's why GOP opposition to financial reform collapsed in the Senate?)

Now if the weenie Idaho Democrat party would only take the same perspective to the 30-40 year tenured GOP bums in Boise.

Anecdotal: Did Otter's Ag Dept order use of a product he has ownership in?

Here's a hottie from the murky world..."beyond the Arid Club". File under: where there's smoke.

Butch Otter is a major private investor in a unique (privately held) Idaho company, PakSense. PakSense makes a type of sensing product, whose purchase & use can be stipulated by regulatory edict.

Right now, there's no specific paper trail (is there ever?) to indicate any sort of causal collusion.

However, wouldn't it be nice to get a complete look at Butch's portfolio?

Is Frank Vandersloot the most hated man in Idaho?

Check out the reader feedback on this Popkey piece about Vandersloot’s support for small, raw milk producers.

Without taking sides one way or the other (I personally sympathize with the raw milk crowd; although Richard Nixon always attributed 2 of his brothers' young deaths to his father's insistence on serving raw milk), one would think Mr. Vandersloot would keep as low a profile as he could.

No better indication of the opportunity for Idaho Democrats in 2008

Checkout this latest release (today) from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics:

It clearly shows the dramatically slowing (and awfully mismanaged) Idaho economy on 2 fronts thru the end of 2007 (latest verified time). Ada County Idaho only squeaks in with a 0.4% increase in job numbers, and a 0.5% increase in the average weekly wage. How is it the Otter Administration could fool so many people? One BIG part: their Commerce Dept routinely had help from all those business magazines touting Idaho, in exchange for state-placed advertisements.  read more »

Idaho Statesman's parent company in death spiral

Looks like the end is coming [this technological phase, at least] for the parent company of the Idaho Statesman. Total revenues, off some 15% IN ONE MONTH, have brought notice that McClatchy is set to jettison more than 10% of their entire workforce.

After their haughty rebuff of Spokane's Cowles Media's offer to buy the Statesman in 2006, and McClatchy's subsequent failed attempt to get Cowles back in the mood in '07....big changes could be in store for the Boise operation. Their Idaho GOP buddies certainly haven't helped any with their management of Idaho's economy.  read more »

More Rumbles from Newspaperland

The 100+ year old Albuquerque Tribune was closed this am by the Scripps Howard Newspaper chain. Scripps had owned the Trib for 80+ years.

You can see the Reuters story at  read more »

Inside the Greenbelt: Otter "loses" Commerce Chief; Legislators worried & pissed

Earlier this afternoon Idaho's Director of Commerce, Jim Ellick, the successful former technology executive from Washington state, announced his "leave of absence" (it's permanent), due to "personal reasons".

According to my sources there's more to this story than meets the eye. Ellick had often expressed outright incredulity to many of the economic assumptions and policies he was forced to stomach from the Otter administration. According to press reports, his take 3 weeks ago on multi-year budget assumptions being floated---refused to allow for the remote possibility that Micron (and HP, AMI, CWI, BEA, Coldwater, et al) might not be around to generate this revenue. This is supposedly the base reason that took Mr. Ellick out.  read more »

Odds & Ends from the X-files: remember the BushCo ranch purchase in Paraguay?

Anybody remember this? circa October 2006:

Well, turns out some high-flying SV neighbors of mine have been down to old Paraguay on buying trips themselves. It also turns out a little known Austin Texas based oil company named Pantera Petroleum has the exclusive Paraguayan concession for some 16,000 sq kilometers, over a geologic formation known as the Chaco Basin.

It also turns out that Chevron has developmental rights just adjacent & over the Argentine, Bolivian, and Brazilian borders (where they operate the Frade Field). Operationally, they're in primo position to pipe out what experts concede is 7-10 trillion cu feet (tcfe) of natural gas and up to 1-2 billion barrels of oil in Chaco.  read more »

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