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Power of Profanity

I have implemented a swear jar in my house. As a mother of two teenage boys, and one preteen boy, I needed some help to reduce the foul language. In fairness, my kids have heard me utter many of the words they say, and my husband can be a swearing machine. Swearing, it turns out, can be a very powerful force, for both positive and negative reasons. This is a lesson learned recently by Alex Labeau, President of Idaho’s most powerful lobby group, IACI.  read more »

Immigration- Marisela's Story

Marisela was just 8 years old when she was dropped off in the desert, late at night. She doesn't remember what month it was, but she remembers how cold it was. They had a sandwich, from which she was given a few bites, and she had some bottled water which had frozen solid in the cold desert air. Her mother, father and three of her siblings had ridden a bus, and she doesn't quite recall how they went from the bus to the desert, but there they were, and they were going to have to walk all night long. Her father was carrying a younger brother, but Marisela was walking, and crying.  read more »

Senator Crapo, GMOs, and the realization that the food system has some gaping holes.

I am new to this forum so I hope I don't violate established etiquette. If I do, just let me know!I wrote this blog entry originally for my group GMO Free Idaho. But, because of the content, I thought it would be good to share here as well. Please bear with me in the length. Who knew Senator Crapo could be so long winded? LOL
I would appreciate feedback you might have!  read more »

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