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Narcissism is Not in the Best Interests of the People of Idaho

Last week Larry Craig mailed in a press release from Boise on General Patraeus and the Iraq War. The response was bemused silence. In the wake of the disclosure of his guilty plea to the most salacious disorderly conduct ever, the man had been stripped of his seniority and plum committee assignments by Republican leadership. The signal was clear, resign and darken our doors no more. For a man at the pinnacle of his conservative political career, the fall was so deceptively fast, one wonders whether this singing senator tripped leadership's gaydar long before. Yet when Craig bowed to leadership pressure, he left open a back door to the senate chambers, announcing his "intent" to resign at the end of the month, in the best interests of the people of Idaho.  read more »

Odd Bedfellows

Just when things couldn't get much stranger in Craig's legal woes, now he has the ACLU trying to help him out. Apparently the ACLU believes the Constitution protects the wide stanced Senator's feet tapping and hand swiping anywhere he wants. The group also argues it ain't illegal unless it can be shown the sex was to be performed in public. Now there's an image.
Gosh I hope they have a hearing on this as well.

The bathroom is now a tourist attraction. Other than the transportation of the Senator, no federal funds were used in the establishment of the latest reason for visiting Minnesota. That's some real out of the stall thinking. We should send the thankless Norm Coleman a bill. I assume Senator Craig will have to fly in for the hearing. I wonder if he'll sign autographs outside stall number two?  read more »

Insert spine here

I'm with Kos, we need Democrats to promise NOT to support any supplemental which does not have binding withdrawal timetables:

"Who cares if Bush vetoes? Let him. Don't worry about 66. Don't even worry about 60. If Republicans want to filibuster, let them. Turn it into a real one -- where Republicans have to hold the podium and read from the phone book for days. Let people see who is filibustering funding for the troops and legislation mandating a withdrawal.

If Bush vetoes? Send it back to him. Again and again. Congress is a co-equal branch of government, at least theoretically. There's no reason to capitulate to Mr. 25% on a war that even fewer want."  read more »

Give Him All the Rope He Wants

The Statesman made me do it! The cop made me an offer I couldn't refuse! I'm not a lawyer! Its not my fault! I was a victim of my own emotions! That pretty much sums up Craig's denials of guilt in his Court filing on Monday. The stark denial of personal responsibility belies everything a law and order Republican is supposed to stand for. I'm just waiting for supporters to accuse the cop of being gay, Democrat or both. Oh wait:

Not having read the cases, the argument that has the most appeal is the "promise" made by the cop that if Craig pled guilty there would be no press. But its inextricably intertwined with the other assertions mostly about lack of representation. While a Minnesota Court might give this argument the benefit of doubt the court of public opinion will be merciless. I say give him all the rope he wants.  read more »

Of his own making

I made this comment on other blogs but since I've overcome my ignorance of posting on this site I, perhaps arrogantly, thought the point was worthy of a larger readership.

It strikes me how karma is in play in the saga of Larry Craig. For decades Craig voted consistently to deprive gay people the rights that heterosexuals enjoy, and denying them even the basic public recognition of marriage in the eyes of the law and society.

The message these laws send to the gay community is that you're not one of us and your sexual orientation is deviant and unacceptable. I was always confused as to why society would want to send that message and instead would actively discourage committed monogamous relationships in the gay community.  read more »

Why I think Risch is the new Senator.

Many in the traditional media have speculated that Risch will be Otter's appointee but they are usually out of town reporters citing to anonymous senior sources. Why they think they have a handle any better than local reporters is beyond me. But lets look at the lay of the land.

Risch is the most senior and experienced politico who has expressed interest in the job. Some even have accused him of setting this whole thing up, if not the actual sting operation at least the leaking of the info. No doubt he's ambitious and it's interesting that since his resurgence into politics in '94 his ascendancy has largely been through a series of appointments caused by fortuitous vacancies. But he's definitely first in line and if the powers that be agree that you're a contender then great weight is given to the status that you achieve by announcing first as Risch well knows when Otter pre-empted him by announcing early for the 2006 gubernatorial election.  read more »

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