Dear Bill Sali: do please STFU now, THX

Idaho's idiot 1st CD Congressman "Brainfade" Bill Sali loves to spout the bogus information that there is some kind of link between women contracting breast cancer and having an abortion. To wit, he believes that if you now have or have in the past had breast cancer, it's because you're an evil woman who must have had an abortion sometime previously so deal with it, slut.

Unfortunately for crap-for-brains Billy-Bob, those damn facts have a liberal bias:

Abortion Does Not Increase Breast Cancer Risk, New Study Says

A new US study suggests that breast cancer risk is not increased by induced abortion or miscarriage, contrary to the findings of some other studies and the claims made by some groups.

. . .

Researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Public Health, Boston in Massachusetts, used data from the Nurses' Health Study II (NHS II) on 105,716 women who were aged between 29 and 46 years and cancer-free at the start of the ten-year follow-up which started in 1993.
. . .

This study covered 973,437 person-years of follow-up between 1993 and 2003.

. . .

In summary, the researchers found no significant link between abortion, miscarriage and breast cancer across the group.

Not that detailed scientific study will have any effect on Congressman BoBo, who famously said, "I've never claimed that I'm absolutely right," he told The Spokesman-Review. "What I've said is I believe my position is true." Rough translation: "Screw the facts; if making it true means I have to burn small household pets alive as tribute to Satan, I can live with that." Clap harder, Sali-boy, clap harder.

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essential study

As I stated before, this is the real study that was necessary to determine the breast cancer risk that abortion might create. The original study was only done with women that currently had breast cancer and then they tried to create a link backwards to a common cause, which statistically showed that abortion might be the cause.

So many doctors and scientists have tried to point that out to the anti-abortion crowd but they'll have none of it. Instead they just keep clapping harder for idiots like Sali and Fischer.

Clapping for Sali...

Is that like clapping for tinkerbell?

Man, if that doesn't conjure a mental image...

screaming for photoshop

Just screams a good photoshopping, doesn't it?

Speaking of 'clap' and Sali...

If only it were so easy to rid Idaho of Brainfade Bill...