Angry Gnome Risch allegedly taking questions 7:30 AM this morning on All Talk 63/KFXD

Diminutive Idaho wingnut U.S. Senate candidate Angry Gnome Risch will -- supposedly -- stop hiding from the general public this morning and appear on All-Talk AM 63 KFXD radio in Boise at 7:30 AM. (That's 630 on your AM radio dial, as if you actually had a dial on your radio.)

If you have questions for Idaho's lilliputian Lt. Gubbernor, be sure to call 208-342-6363. Be prepared, though -- if the Angry Gnome doesn't like your question, he's liable to fly into a chihuahua-sized rage and pound the microphone with his tiny fists. And for heaven's sake, don't ask him about blogs or blogging unless you want him to go into an apoplectic fit.

As you can see from the video below (taken Wednesday in Pocatello), those darn blogs make the Gnome madder than a wet mouse. However, on the positive side, at least he's coming to terms with his temper. Admitting that you may be an Angry Gnome is the first step towards becoming a slightly-less overweening twit.

Goodness gracious... whatever could have made Jimbo so P.O.'ed at us little ol' bloggers? Hopefully a big, frosty mug of Metamucil will perk up Idaho's irascible old imp.

UPDATE 8:49 AM -- According to blogmother Julie at Red State Rebels (who liveblogged the radio "interview"), Angry Gnome Risch did not take any questions over the phone. Nooo, reeeeealy? And you thought I was being overly pessimistic when I used the word 'allegedly' in the headline?

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Before I watched that I was going to ask you what it was about Risch that seems to really get your goat.

Now I just want you to keep the pressure on him, it appears it is getting to the poor little guy.

Thanks, you illegitimate blogger

Serephin - this is great! Thanks for the laugh.


Serephin you never cease to impress. "Left wing bloggers"... heh...

the unequivocal notion

Stuff and nonsense

You, sirrah, are the one on fire lately. I bow before the master.

Also, I'm ready for some of your barbecue. I'll bring beer.


I got tears in my eyes

I'm laughing so hard. He seemed at a loss for campaign activities in which they were actually engaged. I'm so happy he gave us a plug.

Legitimate media=those who do his bidding.


All I could think of watching this was "weeeeeee represent ... the lollipop guild ... "

Off to update my post!

There's gotta be a way

we can just get the segment where he says "I'm an angry American" to download into podcasts suitable for portable broadcast. We could make this thing go viral. I keep coming back to this and laugh my ass off.


Serephin, this is hysterical...I, too, got the lollipop guild vibe.

Your creativity and

sense of humor certainly came together perfectly on this one. I loved it!!!

I agree with Sisyphus, we really need to make this thing go viral....