Idaho State Senator Wants to Manipulate and Control Reproductive Organs of Complete Strangers Against Their Will

Idaho GOP State Sen. Chuck Winder has decreed that the Gem State's government is now small enough to fit inside a woman's uterus, and he damn well intends to establish a beachhead. Chuck Winder is a dangerous asshole.

TVA has a terrific write-up about this travesty on his uber-blog-of-all-Idaho-blogs, Ft. Boise. Here's an excerpt:

Senator Michelle Stennett, the Minority Caucus chair gave the longest, and most detailed debate against the bill, at the beginning of the debate, identifying five specific reasons why it would be bad law.

• Ultrasounds are not free. None of the providers prepared to offer "free" services are abortion providers.

• In spite of it not being made explicit, in the case of early pregnancy, the bill would effectively require transvaginal ultrasound.

• The medical emergency provision as written does not apply to the new sections; it lacks a provision for "reasonable, medical judgment."

• It conflicts with the Medical Consent Act, giving adult persons in this state the fundamental right to make their own decisions for their health care.

• It is likely to violate the privacy of patients, in that they would have to sign a statement which will become a public record.

Next time you see Senator "State Rape is good" Winder, be sure to salute him for all the fine work he's done for the women in Idaho.

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Can't say...

Can't say I didn't see this coming. This anti-choice blitzkreig has been sweeping the nation and states that are alot less red than us are jumping on this bandwagon, sadly. What surprises me is that a state like VIRGINIA beat us to the punch on this craziness!