Gooding Drinking Liberally upcoming schedule

Gooding DL has invited current candidates to join us as "special guests". We are thrilled that every single candidate we've invited has agreed to come to our little town to meet with us! WOW! We encourage anyone who wants to join us to please do so! We've had people join us from Buhl and Kuna so far... it's been great! (Feel free to contact us for driving directions and suggestions for lodging if you are coming from far away!)

Tonight's "Special Guest" will be Alex Jones, the Idaho Democratic Party's field organizer for our region. You can read more about him here.

Upcoming guests include:
April 7 Dan Romero (Candidate for Lt. Governor)
April 14 Bert Marley (Candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction)
April 21 Representative Nicole LeFavour
April 28 Jana Jones (Candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction)
May 5 Jerry Brady (Candidate for Governor)
May 12 Larry LaRocco (Candidate for Lt. Governor)

More information is posted at Drinking Liberally.

If you aren't in Gooding, please consider checking out the Drinking Liberally clubs in Moscow and Boise! (Or in your own home state if you aren't in Idaho!) Or share this with other liberals in your community and get together to start your own! It is a very painless procedure to start a club and it is quite rewarding for those of us looking to network in an informal manner.