Chicken George

The words 'Chicken George' came to mind a week or so ago, when I read of President Bush's apparent fear of his constituency stretching to the point where his audiences are vetted.

For days, the theme song for Chicken Jane (from Between the Lions) has bounced around with the words 'Chicken George' slipping in (but not tidily). Hoping to dispell the demons,
I've done a bit of googling. Check it out:

There were 1600 hits to googling 'chicken-george bush', so feel free to suggest more.

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A government of the people, by the people, for the people.
I find America in a very strange place, pushing demcoracy in Iraq and around the world yet here in America the people of this democracy are not represented by the people we vote into office nor do we as a people as discibed in the constitution assume the responsibility that goes along with being the greatest nation in the world.

I read editorials everyday, headlines, listen to radio, watch TV, and on the internet I see Americans unhappy with this democracy. Mis-representation in 2006 was taxation without representation and according to the history books part of why we had a little thing called the American Revolution. Separation of church and state is much the same with far too much & too many of the wrong people in control of our nation.

There is way to much corporate & religious influence in our government which according to our constitution should not exist. If we're going to start wars and push democracy down the throats of other nations it might not be a bad idea to live by the constitution and laws we hold dear or not.

Seems to me we have far too many people, mis-representatives in Washington DC, every city, county, state, & federal office in the nation for that matter who forget who it is they work for. Pensions going broke while taxpayers absorb the bailout when corporations default. I don't mind paying my taxes, that's what makes America work. Paying three and four times my share simply because the people I pay to represent me accept $ from corporate un-America and gifts through the Washinton lobby in return for political favors-tax cuts & incentives isn't what America is or was all about.

I started about four years ago with the hope Americans who have the guts and are willing to think for themselves would join in but the fact is Americans are, well, I don't know where the American people are. I guess the old battle cries of this great nation are long gone or have been replaced.

"Give me Liberty or Give Me Death." That's a good one.

How about, "Remember the Alamo" Learned a little about that in school, you know education we have no funding for anymore while we spend billions on war in Iraq. Computer games have US preoccupied, no time for America or what's left.

We might want to print a new dollar, over Washington we could write, "There's nothing you can doooooo." That's the battle cry of the 21st century America I'm stuck with. And on the back that part about In God We Trust. We could Change that to "In Washington DC We Lose" or "A Two Party System is One Party Away From a Dictatorship."

Nextrev. is all about US, Americans posting ideas, following up on ideas, coming together as a lobby for US and putting government back to work for US! America and the American people are losing more everyday. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Health Insurance, funding for education, property taxes on the rise while corporate un-America pays less as well as less income taxes we also aborb thanks to our mis-representatives who accept campaign contribution and gifts through the Washington lobby in return. While on our payroll these employees of millionaire status, fine wage, retirement, & health care are letting that all slip away from their boss, US!

Nextrev. is about eliminating government waste and using tax $ saved to save Social Security and more but it won't happen by itself and you mis-representatives who are responsible for all the above won't make it happen either. It's simple, they're all rich getting richer at our expense.

Look at the average America, brainwashed, a beaten down, confused, chemical & alcohol dependent. What else could one expect to be, college is a party. Look where Dubya got all his wisdom and maybe that explains why and how we're in Iraq.

The average American thinks $12 an hour is a good living? By time you pay all the taxes evaded by corporate un-America in their buy out of democracy & our mis-representatives we aborb all the taxes they evade and now out of $12 you keep $6 if you're lucky. What's that do for the economy? Half the people in America make $5.50 an hour, illegal immigration promoted by our Commander in Chief in return for those campaign contributions. Over 37 million Americans live in poverty, 45 million without health insurance!

How can an educated society such as America is suppose to be we have no funding for education? How can the parents of school kids pay all the property taxes, pay for war, pay mis-representatives, pay all the income taxes, and die in Iraq not realize the bill of goods we're being sold?

I've posted several ideas on Nextrev.'s idea page, check them out, send ideas in to me, support ideas, send email to your representatives, put government back to work for US, not corporate un-America. Terrorist have an ally in Washinton DC. Mis-representation is a far greater threat to America and our way of life than terrorism.

One idea, $20 tax on every $1 contributed to any camapaign or gift through the Washington lobby.

Another idea, Politicians must be bonded and or insured.

Either put these people we pay so well back to work for US or when you grand kids ask. "Why do I work the first four or five hours a day to pay my taxes & have no health care or reitrment?" You can reply, "I was too busy working the first three hours a day to pay my taxes to do anything about it." If they're not smart enough to read you can explain why. Property taxes evaded by corporate un-America were absorbed by individuals who then turned to meth sold by illegals promoted by mis-representatives and there was no money left for education.

It doesn't take much to realize or understand what is happening to America, it's been happening for years, it's in the papers and on the news everyday. It's not too late to do something about it but it does take stones, throw them over your shoulder and join the fight. Or, stick your nose back in the meth and hope for the best which will be the worst, count on it. Somebody else is living large on your generousity, or is it ignorance?

Scott D. Tisthammer