10 Things Bill Sali and Club for Growth hate about America

Bill "brain-fade" Sali, uber-wingnut 1st CD candidate and his moneybags leash-holder, the he-man wimmen-hatin' Club for Growth have boatloads of things they hate (little baby ducks, old pickup trucks, slow movin' trains, and rain are definitely on their list). Alan at IdaBlue has discovered, on the CFG weblog, the top ten things we liberals love that absolutely twist Sali and the Clubbers' panties into a Gordian knot:

A living wage for all
Global leadership through diplomacy
Verifiable, accurate elections
High quality education for all
Balanced federal budget
Health care for all
Publicly funded elections
Preserve our natural resources
Energy independence: clean, renewable sources
Restored constitutional rights

Oh... my... God! Is THAT what we lefties really believe in? Oh, Lord -- I think I'm going to be sick! I -- I had no idea we progressives had sunk so low! No wonder Bill Sali hates Democrats, when we stand for such vile, communofascist ideas.

I see the light now, Bill -- now, at long last, I understand. We Idahoans must back your campaign immediately, one-hundred percent (or, y'know, more!) like the 26% of Republican voters did in the primary election last week. (Well, 26% ain't 100% but, c'mon, it's better than, um, 25%, right?) We need to send barrelsful of cash to you like the $483,000 out-of-state money the Club for Growth gave you for the primary election, to assure your win in November.

Only by your victory can Idaho be assured that we will never suffer the indignities of a living wage, quality education or (*pshaw*) foolish "constitutional rights."

Save us, Sali-wan -- you're our only hope.

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